Tale - Social Networking App


Tale - Social Networking App

story 2016.12.23

Tale is a new open-concept, hashtag-based community platform in which anyone can communicate without any separate registration.
You can check which hashtags are hottest and most popular; become a tag master through hashtags which you create;
and communicate with users who share the same interests as you. We also provide a picture editing tool with free drawing as well as
a video and URL attachment function for writing posts. On the Home page, you can see posts related to hashtags which are currently popular,
as well as create your own popular posts using comments and up-down votes. When you enter the various home pages for hashtags,
you can check hashtags concerning users who are currently active. In My Page, you may view the history of your activities as well as posts
from users with interests similar to your own. You can view and write posts on the PC webpage as well as on mobile devices.
The platform is currently serviced in North America but is expected to gradually expand in a variety of directions.

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